About us

Steelground is a Portuguese brand, made in the company Segura Sic Lda, with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of footwear.

But what moves us?
We get inspired by the 50s, UK’s culture, and the darker and more fantastic side of the great people we get to know and admire through the years, either in fairs or in the streets in the countries we visit.

“Steelground” is not just a brand, it’s who you are.
That is why we try to cover all the alternative segments, such as goth, punk, rock, rockabilly, steampunk, metal, Mod, Vegan and so on…
Common to all of us is the irreverence that crosses all generations and the will to stand over to preserve a sense of an unique fashion identity.

In every corner of the world from the European continent, to Asia, to the American and Oceania, there is a pair of boots or shoes from our brand.
Like the intrepid Portuguese explorers, that we are, we travel the world, and step by step proudly arriving, little by little, to almost all countries.

Is it only a sense of fashion that moves us?

No, it is also our desire to make our planet sustainable and eliminate animal exploitation, which lead us to create a casual Vegan line.
But above all, to tell you that there is no need to use leather or animal components in fashion.
All of our models can be made with vegan materials.

Yes, that is right, you can be dark and mysterious, thirsty for human blood, and at the same time have that soft, gentle, conscious side that wants to save the planet and defend all animals rights.

By the way, did you know that recently, all of these “vegan and sustainable” articles have been to our immense joy, PETA Approved?

This is us. Welcome to our world.
If you ever want to create your own brand of footwear, contact us.
The entire collection and existing resellers can be seen here: www.steelground.pt/shop/

About us